Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Did God Creat Me in the First Place?


The "question of the day" around the water coolers of the world this morning, concerning the United States' transitioning yesterday into a new government administration is, "Well, whatta you think?"

I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee on this cold January day, a bit tired from watching all that inaugural ball dancing last night. How about you? Well, all went pretty well. Michelle was beautiful, Obama was handsome, the children were cute and there was a feeling of anticipation in my heart, as I watched from my home in east Tennessee, the events in D.C. yesterday and last night.

America has a brand new president and the world is watching. How about that! The world and it's people are watching America and our new president, President Barack Obama, hoping he will solve the world's financial problems, peace problems, global warming problems (if there is such a thing) and cause the deserts of the earth to spring forth drinking water and vegetation to halt world hunger problems! Whew! Huge tasks! Can he do it?


Has Barack Obama found his purpose in life? Is this what he is supposed to do with his life? If this is what he thinks his purpose is, and he strives to fulfill it, wonderful. However, I don't know whether President Obama FEELS purposeful toward these goals or not, but if he feels so inclined, as a "citizen of the world," that is acceptable. He, like you and I, has goals to achieve.

Maybe, just maybe, that is why God created each one of us... to set and achieve goals during our lifetime! Yes! That's it! I've been wondering why I am here! God created all of us on this earth with the purpose of setting goals and achieving them. In order for you and I to have a fulfilling life, we need to set some goals, then work toward them and we'll be fulfilling not only OUR purpose for our lives, but GOD'S purpose . That's... WHY GOD CREATED ME IN THE FIRST PLACE...RIGHT?... WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!

Rick Warren wrote the book on how to have a purpose filled life. I am not attempting to get into that. What I am getting "into" is why God CREATED you.

When you boil life down to the very basic reason of our existence in the first place, God made us so that He could have some real love in His life. That's right. God has a life just as we do, and He wanted some real love!

Follow my thought. God created the angels and the beings in Heaven to love and serve Him. They do this well. They praise His name and His work. These heavenly beings do what God wants them to do and their duty, if you will, is to love and to serve. Collectively, these beings are called the Heavenly Host, and a "host" is an army. When one is in the army, one does what the army's commander commands! In the case of the angels and heavenly beings, God is the commander and they do what He commands.

Hey! Wait a minute! Where's the love? I mean REAL love? Actually, the angels and heavenly beings have no choice but to love God, because they were created to love and serve Him. (Well, there's Lucifer, but that's a story for another time).

God IS love! To manifest (or multiply) His love so He can feel Love from another being, from another source, in another way (other than the heavenly ones)...He creates us! We have the same sort of love that He has and is! The heavenly beings do not have love "by choice". All heavenly beings, such as angels, were created to love God. They can do nothing less. concentrate...God makes man in His own image with the same attributes as Himself; body, spirit, soul! Right down to the fingernails! He gives us a mini-intelligence like He has and He lets us have choices like He makes. Then...God presents Himself to each one of us individually (remember the many times God has come to you?), giving each of us a choice of whether to love Him or not. If we do love Him as He is hoping, and if we choose to follow His laws as He is hoping, our reward is getting to live with Him for Eternity in the wonderful place He has prepared for us called Heaven. If we reject God and His laws, and do not love Him or obey, we do not get to live with Him in the nice place, but we will go where all creatures and men go who reject Him and His love...hell.

Harsh? Not in God's perfect way. God's only reason for creating us is to have someone to love Him, by choice, not duty! That is God's love. He chose to love us. He wants us to choose to love Him back. It's just that simple. Take it or leave it. Heaven or hell.

There is more to say, and there are Bible verses and books that will tell one all about God's love but I just wanted to tell you why God created you in the first place. IT VERY BASIC. No other god in the world, earth or universe claims to have created ANYTHING, just to love... Buddha didn't, Ra didn't, Baal didn't, Allah didn't...but the god who made heaven and earth does!

He even sent to earth His only begotten son, Jesus the Christ, to prove it to you. ( Wow! That's THE great story!)

The question of the ages has been to wonder why we humans are on earth. The answer is so simple, it seems dumb! But what is folly to men is not necessarily folly to God. We humans make life harder than it is. Once you know, I mean really know, the basic reason for your existence, sorting out the big stuff becomes easier.

God loves you. Do you love Him?

If you don't agree with all this, take it up with The Big Guy. He said it, I didn't.


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